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To build Mojek Money to a level we can be proud of, we are hiring. The people who build Mojek Money with us now will be a part of the core founding team. At Mojek Money, we value honest, positive, and creative people. We prefer doing smart work over doing hard work. 

If you see yourself as a clear thinker and an energetic communicator, if you absorb concepts and ideas, and if you respect the time and efforts of the people around you, you’ll belong at Mojek Money. Take a look at the positions we are hiring for:

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Build as a core team member

The people mojek hires now become its core founding team.

Work remotely

You can build mojek from your computer screen - whether in Punjab or Pondi.

Make what you'll be proud of

At mojek, we are making a product that’s beautiful, simple, & fun.

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