Safeguarding your information like it's our own

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Mojek Money is certified & encrypted

TLS 1.2 Technology

Your data is safe over networks

We cannot & do not read your private info when you use mojek.


Encryption so good, security agencies trust it

At Mojek Money, we value privacy enough to use encryption the US NSA recommends

ES6 Certification

Built with the best of Javascript

ES6 is an update world’s go-to programming language, used to build mojek.

Read the security FAQs

A lot of the queries we receive are around these areas:

Are my bank & crypto and mutual fund details safe with Mojek Money?

We store crypto and mutual fund data on our secure database. To access and display them to you, mojek uses the access key provided by users.

Is user data encrypted on Mojek Money?

All user data concerning financial accounts and assets is encrypted using class-leading AES algorithms. Your access token, known only to you, is an extra layer of security.

Can people working at Mojek Money see my data?

The employees and associates at mojek don’t have direct access to your or any other users' data. These details are encrypted, which means they are concealed by a code. Only people who can access your account can access your data.

How does Mojek Money use two-factor authentication for safety?

Mojek follows the best security method when user accounts are created. As a user, you can enter your own 4-digit passcode that works as a layer of safety and verification for your account.

Does Mojek Money sell my data?

Mojek does not reveal or sell any data belonging to you to third parties. Our business is built on your trust, and we wouldn’t do anything to compromise that.

When I delete my data - how does Mojek Money remove it?

Mojek has systems and automated processes which delete your data from our servers in timely periods after you delete your accounts or data from mojek.

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