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Track your expenses
Track expenses & income across bank accounts, automatically

We connect directly with your existing bank account, instead of reading your SMS and emails or asking you to create a new one

Want to know how you really spend?

expense trackingexpense tracking

Form better financial habits by becoming aware of your spending patterns.

bank account link

Track, view, & analyse your spending habits

Too many apps spoil the broth. Simplify your life when you add your bank accounts to Mojek.

save for vacation

New car? Nice vaca? Clothes for shaadi season?

Save for the things you stress about. Set a budget and put money aside consistently.

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Track your investments
Track investments beyond stocks & mutual funds, automatically

Mojek Moneyallows you to track your investments across stocks, mutual funds, crypto & AIFs, effortlessly

asset breakdown

Track & manage all your accounts & assets from one place

With Mojek Moneyyou can manage investments across stock market, crypto, mutual funds, alternate & fixed income investments in one place.

actionable insights

Get simple & insightful reports for your portfolio

We’re bringing you business-level intel to rebalance your assets with Mojek.

Are your investments making waves? Know first ⚡

news about assets

Stay informed about your investments so that you can take better financial decisions.

Discover new ways to invest
Discover new investment opportunities

Discover new ways of investing with Mojek Money.

Become a finance influencer with a public profile

become financial influencer

Apply for a public profile on mojek and share your ideas and portfolio safely.

public trader profile

Who do you want to invest like?

Follow friends, traders, and people with big investment brains to see what they’re doing.

market trends and filters

Investment opportunities beyond stocks, fixed deposits and mutual funds

With social trading, you can sharpen your understanding of market indicators and strategies.

Security & Privacy
Security as good as a bank’s

With Mojek, your data is private, safe, and handled with the best systems & tools around.

TLS 1.2 Technology

Your data is safe over networks

We cannot & do not read your private info when you use mojek.


Encryption so good, security agencies trust it

At mojek, we value privacy enough to use encryption the US NSA recommends

ES6 Certification

Built with the best of Javascript

ES6 is an update world’s go-to programming language, used to build mojek.

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